Program Overview

Filmmaker in Focus – Midi Z

Born in Myanmar, Midi Z arrived in Taiwan at the age of sixteen for further study. In his early career, he already garnered success with his "Homecoming Myanmar" trilogy, which explored the fundamental issues such as survival and struggle for life as well as his identity conflicts between Myanmar and Taiwan.

In this section we present you with feature and documentary films Ice Poison (2014) and City of Jade (2016). Both films show us the classic style of MIdi Z. His delicate narration imparts a strong sense of curiosity and an undercurrent of trepidation as he takes us into country that is rarely mentioned, with plots about loss, despair and dreams of a better future. MIdi Z’s unique film style has established his special position in Taiwan film industry.

Ice Poison


Midi Z | 2014 | 95 Min. | Original with English subtitles

#Drug #Addict #Survive

City of Jade


Midi Z | 2016 | 98 Min. | Original with English subtitles

#War #Poor Folk #Drug Abuse

One Place called Jiang-Hu

Jiang-Hu, a word that has multiple extensions in Chinese culture. It is a metaphor for the martial arts world of ancient China. Jiang-Hu often appear in martial arts films or Kung-Fu films, which feature numerous fights between martial artists. Over decades, Jiang-Hu became a term for a sub-society that assimilated bandits, outlaws and gangs who lived "outside the existing law".

With this unique film genre, Vengeance of the Phoenix Sisters (1968) and The Gangs, the Oscars, and the Walking Dead (2019) are selected to present Taiwanese martial arts films in 1960s and contemporary. Both features show completely different perspectives of the Jiang-Hu concept and its diversity in the Taiwanese cinema.

The Gangs, the Oscars, and the Walking Dead


Gao Bing-quan | 2019 | 105 Min. | Original with English subtitles

#Gangster #black humor #B Movie

Vengeance of the Phoenix Sisters


Chen Hung-min | 1968 | 87 Min | Original with English subtitles | 2K restoration

#Wuxia classic #Revenge #Swordswoman

Black movies, black history

In late 1970s to early 1980s, shortly only 5 years, there’s spectacular phenomena of production of R rated movies in Taiwanese cinema. Those sensational, dramatic B Movies are so called social realistic which in fact are the exact opposite of the realty under the martial law period. So how could those films with sex and violence scenes have passed the censorship and were released in the time of conservative ideology. Those black movies reveal the unspeakable history of Taiwan and its mysterious historical background.

Taiwan B-Movies


Hou Chi-Jan | 2005 ∣ 61min. ∣ Original with English subtitles

#violence #B Movie #1980s

On the Society File of Shanghai


Wang Chu-Chin|1981|91min|Original with English subtitles

#violence #corruption #scar literature

Queer Docs

In 2019, Taiwan as the first country legalizes same-sex marriage in Asia. Through the documentaries, several questions are brought up in order to understand how an self- identity, which is plural and constantly evolving, takes shape.

Taipeilove* records the shift of how people perceive the homosexuality in Taiwanese society and how queers fought for their right. Small Talk presents a more sensitive approach to director Huang’s personal life. She attempts to reveal and reconcile a painful past shared between herself and her mother, who is a lesbian Taoist priestess. This film had international premiere at the 67th Berlinale in the Panorama section, and won the Teddy Award for Best Documentary film.

Small Talk


Huang Hui-chen | 2016 | 97 Min. | Original with English subtitles

#Hidden Secret #family complexity #Come out


Lucie Liu | 2017 | 71 Min. | Original with English subtitles

#gay marriage #happy ever after? #LGBT in Asia

Special selection: Formosan Black Bear

What’s your impression of Taiwan?

Formosan B.B. is Coming documented the search for the most representative and iconic rare animal in Taiwan: Wild Formosan Black Bears. Deep in the subtropical forest, Formosan Black Bears’ natural habitat is in danger due to deforestation. Director Mai, a true environmental activist, is trying to release the messages on behalf of the mountains, forests and different kind of species. Through the epic pictures of wild forests, the audiences join their adventure journal in search of Formosan B.B. and explore the beauty of Taiwan.

Formosan B.B. is coming


Mai Chueh-Ming | 2019 | 120 Min. | Original with English subtitles

#Formosan black bear #animal welfare #forest protection